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‘You can’t just walk out of hospital and everything is perfect. My carer’s given me a chance to recharge batteries.’

Bernie, music lover

Support someone while they live with you

As a Shared Lives carer, you can offer a whole range of different services to the people we support while they live with you and your family at your house.

As a self-employed carer, you can choose which types of support you want to offer and choose who you support.

PSS Shared Lives Live-in service: support someone as part of your family

With our Shared Lives Live-in service, the person you support becomes part of your family, living at home with you while you support them to be as independent as possible. This is an amazing opportunity to work from home as a Shared Lives carer, doing hours you choose.

The person you support might live with you for a short amount of time or a longer amount of time. Either way, it’s about opening up the doors of your home and giving someone a warm welcome.

PSS Shared Lives Home from Hospital service: support someone to leave hospital

Our Home from Hospital service supports people who are ready to leave hospital, but still need some support to get back on their feet. Someone who’s well enough to leave hospital will come to live with you for a short period of time while they fully recover and build their confidence back up to live independently.

Support someone as they move out of foster care

With our Move On service, you support a young person as they move out of foster care and flourish into adult life. They will come and live with you and your family at your house.

Support someone while they have a short break from their usual care

Everyone loves a holiday and a change of scenery every now and then – and the people we support through Shared Lives are no different.

With our Short Breaks service, you’ll support someone staying with you at your home for a short amount of time. During this time, not only does the person we support have a break away from their usual home, their full-time carers also have a rest.

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