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‘We’ve gone from an empty nest to an active, lively household. The gift of seeing Chloe and Natasha grow into happy adults keep us going.’

Dave, Shared Lives carer, Staffordshire

Can carers choose who they support with Shared Lives?

We have a matching service that pairs you up with someone to support whose lifestyle, support needs and personality is a good match for yours.

Before we set anything in stone, you’ll have the chance to meet the person you’ve been matched with. Depending on the type of support you’re offering, they may come and stay overnight at your house, just to see how it goes, or you might spend a day together as a bit of a trial, to see how you both feel. You’ll both have a choice.

It’s all about making sure the person you’re matched with feels comfortable, safe and happy, and you do too.

Our Shared Lives matching service

We’ve got our own dedicated team of Shared Lives match-makers at our Shared Lives services in Norfolk, Manchester, Merseyside, Lincolnshire, North Wales and the Midlands.

They get to know the people we support really well, and they get to know our carers really well, too.

It’s their job to think about which people we support would be a good match for you as a carer, and which of our Shared Lives services you could offer them.

We’re also pioneering an amazing new app for matching PSS Shared Lives carers and the people we support. Think, but for non-romantic relationships! It’s currently in its pilot period, and will be used by PSS Shared Lives schemes up and down the UK later in 2021.

Sharon and Kerry Ann

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