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‘Mitchell had always wanted to work on the railway. When he became an adult, we encouraged him to follow his dreams. He loves it.’

Linda, Shared Lives carer, Staffordshire

Continue caring for someone you foster when they turn 16 or 18

If you’re a foster carer, and the young adults you foster are about to leave the children’s care system, you can become a self-employed Shared Lives carer with PSS and continue to support them into adult life. You can be part of our Shared Lives: Move On Together service.

You’ll need to apply and be assessed as one of our Shared Lives carers, but once you’ve come through the process, you’ll be able to continue supporting the person you’re caring for as a Shared Lives carer.

  • Work the hours you want to work
  • Get paid for continuing to support the young adults you’re fostering
  • Continue being a foster carer alongside being a Shared Lives carer
  • Support the people you foster to become as independent as possible
  • Watch as the people you’ve fostered flourish into adult life with your support.

The young adults you’re fostering will also become part of our Shared Lives service for people who are about to leave foster care.

Interested in becoming a Shared Lives carer? Let your local team call you for a quick chat

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