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Shared Lives Week: The PSS Shared Lives Carer Awards take place today!

It’s Shared Lives Week and as well as the wonderful celebrations going on across the country, the day has come for the annual PSS Shared Lives Carer Awards!  

As the first ever provider and creator of Shared Lives we’re super proud to have the longest running and largest network of carers in the UK. We have 887 carers across the country, each one of them bringing something unique. Our carers are some of the most dedicated, professional and kind people you could meet – and these awards help us to let them know what a big difference they make. 

What are the PSS Shared Lives Carer Awards?

The Awards are held annually during Shared Lives Week. They aim to recognise the outstanding contributions that are made by PSS Shared Lives carers every day in their roles for the people they support. 

This year, there are six categories 

  • PSS Pride Award: Celebrating someone who makes a difference in the lives of the people they support/fellow carers/PSS colleagues and is big hearted, determined, open minded, professional and genuine. 
  • Shared Lives Advocate Award: Someone who spreads the word about Shared Lives. That could be through refer-a-friend, getting involved with media, pitching up in their community or something else! 
  • Newcomer of the Year Award: A newcomer or “star in the making” who, in their first twelve months, has made a really big impact in their Shared Lives arrangement. 
  • Independence Champion Award: Someone who has helped the person they support to be their most independent selves. 
  • Transformational Care Award: Celebrating an act of service or support that has positively changed someone’s life, whether that’s the person they support, a fellow carer or a PSS colleague. 
  • Lifetime Achievement in Care Award: For anyone who has been a Shared Lives carer for more than 15 years and have dedicated much of their lives to their role, making a difference as they go (no matter how many arrangements they’ve had in that time). 
We’ve had some incredible nominations this year for the following PSS Shared Lives carers: 

Lifetime Achievement Award nominees:

  • Liz and Rob Cooper, Shared Lives Staffordshire 
  • Carol Bell, Shared Lives Lincolnshire 
  • Linda Moore, Shared Lives Lincolnshire 
  • Katherine Griffiths, Shared Lives North Wales 
  • Sandra Shaw, Shared Lives North Wales 

Newcomer of the Year Award nominees:

  • Kieren Hardy, Shared Lives Merseyside 
  • Lesley Buckingham Redman, Shared Lives East 
  • Emma Coulton, Shared Lives North Wales 
  • Maria and Gary Dobner, Shared Lives Lincolnshire 

Independence Champion award nominees:

  • Les Ray, Shared Lives Merseyside 
  • Pamela Thomas Leigh, Shared Lives North Wales 
  • Sharon and Murray Bull, Shared Lives North Wales 
  • Adrian Almeida, Shared Lives Lincolnshire 
  • Wendy Veysey, Shared Lives North Wales 
  • Derek and Nancy Chapman, Shared Lives Lincolnshire 
  • Barbara and John Enticknap, Shared Lives Staffordshire 
  • Linda and John Frost, Shared Lives Midlands 

Transformational Care award nominees:

  • Ann Sullivan, Shared Lives Lincolnshire
  • Georgina and Andrew kennedy, Shared Lives Lincolnshire
  • Lynn McKevitt, Shared Lives Merseyside
  • Karen Jackson, Shared Lives North Wales
  • Carol Mahon, Shared Lives Merseyside
  • Millie Ashton, Shared Lives Manchester
  • Paula Woodgate, Shared Lives North Wales

Shared Lives Advocate Award nominee:

  • Adele Jackson, Shared Lives Merseyside 
  • Paul Crilly, Shared Lives Merseyside 
  • Heather Alvey, Shared Lives East 
  • Craig and Beth Macauley, Shared Lives Merseyside 

Pride of PSS Award nominees:

  • Pippa Cocker, Shared Lives East 
  • Abi Reese, Shared Lives Staffordshire 
  • Liz Elson, Shared Lives Staffordshire 
  • Debbie and Steve Burrage, Shared Lives Staffordshire 
  • Jackie Gibson, Shared Lives Merseyside 
  • Nataliey Holden, Shared Lives Merseyside 
  • Karen Jackson, Shared Lives North Wales 
  • Val Budgen, Shared Lives Manchester 
  • Colin and Maria Sleight, Shared Lives Lincolnshire 
  • Kevin Dinsdale, Shared Lives Merseyside
  • Cathie and Adrian Toon, Shared Lives Staffordshire 
  • Cheryl Tipper, Shared Lives Staffordshire 
  • Paul Crilly, Shared Lives Merseyside 

Live ceremony for PSS carers and teams

Today, there’ll be a live ceremony hosted by CEO Lesley Dixon and Director of Operations Harriet Michael-Phillips. During the ceremony we’ll say a huge thank you to all of our carers and reveal the names of the carers who received winning nominations from peers, people they support, council workers and PSS team members. 

Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog, which will reveal the full list of winners!